Will Packer Productions

Branding / Digital Strategy / Interactive / UX Design

Producer Will Packer has established himself as one of Hollywood’s blockbuster hit makers with seven of his films opening number one at the box office. In 2014, he accomplished the rare feat of producing two films in the top six at the box office and became the only African-American producer to have seven films debut at number one during opening weekend.

I lead the digital marketing operations for WPP with regard to driving creative and digital strategy. I was responsible for designing the new online presence for the company as well as develop a UI that was both intuitive and functional, but catered to the needs of his target audience to access information quickly and securely. I advise company leadership directly on how to engage its growing audience base using the latest trends available in interactive design, including Parallax and responsive layout formatting. As films are released, I vet all digital assets for quality and accuracy; assuring they are consistent with the brand aesthetic.