Art Direction / Branding / Digital Strategy / Interactive / UX Design

Overview: I led the creative strategy, advised on technology and developed a viable concept to meet the goals of a group of investors looking to develop a proprietary, digital product in the health & fitness sector.

Problem: A surge of services exist in the digital marketplace that track and monitor fitness activity, including those targeting the sport of triathlon and multi-sport racing. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to efficiently access data across multiple apps that track unique metrics. How do you compete with the features of other applications and create a value/distinction for your own product in a saturated market?

Insight: “Co-opetition” – Why compete when you can leverage the success of the current ecosystem?

Strategy: A Coach’s Clipboard 3.0 – streamline access to large volumes of data in a beautifully minimal interface.

Solution: I developed the brand/identity for the product, and designed the UI for aggregating content of other successful, popular tracking platforms through one interface using public API’s. I also introduced a concept of smart tracking, where the app uses predictive analytics to suggest user behavior for an element of proactive coaching. The concept was demonstrated through a series of mid-fidelity wireframes.