ONE Music Fest

Branding / Photography / Video Production

SoL Fusion Media Group is a unique brand marketing company with the distinct ability to fuse music, art and nightlife into unforgettable events that seamlessly highlight corporate brands and increase consumer loyalty. In 2010, they produced ONE MusicFest which has emerged as one of the summer’s most anticipated festival concert series in the city of Atlanta. Seeking to bridge the gap between Atlanta’s diverse communities, ONE Musicfest showcases a wide variety of musical talents spanning race, age and genre.

In collaboration with Mini, Heineken and Brown-Forman, I captured the event’s brand integration for each and documented the experiential touch-points with attendees. I was responsible for leading a team through scouting, principal photography and coordination of unique marketing campaigns from each brand…including Mini’s escorting of attendees to-and-from the remote parking in their brand new line of Mini Coopers.

Additional press about the event can be found here.