Newton Running

Art Direction / Copywriting / Digital Strategy / UX Design / Video Production

Overview: In collaboration with Gauri Misra-Deshpande and local sales representation, I deconstructed the company’s “Hello Better” campaign to advise on how to extend their growth strategy.

Problem: Newton Running is a small, innovative run company entering a saturated, competitive performance shoe market. How can they increase market exposure and brand strength at a sustainable rate?

Insights: The brand is fueled by early adopters and enthusiasts.

Strategy: Extend the “Hello Better” campaign in two tiers –  “Hello” promotes a personable brand culture and reinforces new entry to market, “Better’ highlights sophistication of the shoe’s technology and an improved running experience.

Solution: I presented three campaign extension opportunities. 1) Geo-specific targeting for print and ambient advertising in new markets (Chicago, Los Angeles and New York), 2) mobile application to energize fan base and reinforce brand values, and 3) branded video content to be released and shared virally.