Art Direction / Branding / Video Production

Overview: Interface, Inc assembled a team of 14 uniquely talented creatives to execute a brand campaign for the company. As one of the invited members, I led the video production of the final summary pitched to the client, which included art direction, cinematography and postproduction.

Problem: Interface, Inc. is the worldwide leader in design, production and sales of modular carpet. As the market becomes more competitive, how can Interface attract and inspire their target audience using their latest product – the Skinny Plank?

Insight: Interface is an innovation company. They just happen to make carpet.

Strategy: Highlight elements of natural design and sustainability so that it resonates with design professionals – the ones advising retail consumers.

Solutions: Leveraging the wide range of tactical design expertise amongst the team, 4 unique brand videos were developed for the company – “The Bigger Story”, “Project Beautiful Design”, “Design That Fits” and “Designing From The Ground Up”. The company was also advised on how to distribute the videos virally to engage their target audience.

Visit the Interface website for more information.