Art Direction / Digital Strategy / Interactive / Video Production
Goodie Hack is an intense 10-hour event where non-profits who focus on under-served communities present their top operational problems to an audience. A team of web developers, strategists, designers, business professionals and relatively everyday people unite to develop interactive mobile applications to solve these problems.

In collaboration with the co-founders of SF35 and Amplify For Good, the organization producing the event, I advised on the creative and digital strategy for executing the core platforms and goals of the hack-a-thon. I produced several videos for their discretionary and proprietary use, with the goal of securing funding and potential sponsorships. We devised a series of phased advertisements, including meet-ups and forums to continue the momentum. As a tribute to the success of the first several events and the buzz it was positioned to create, Goodie Marketing was established as a tertiary event tactic.