Cox Communications

Art Direction / Digital Strategy / Interactive / Video Production

Overview: I led the creative strategy and execution for an internal communications project for, Cox Communications Inc., the third-largest cable entertainment and broadband services provider in the country.

Problem: To improve their internal processes, Cox rolled out a new financial system company-wide. Change managers were concerned the decision would be met with resistance. How could the transition be smooth and improve the adoption by personnel?

Insight: People will embrace what makes their work easier. The nuisance for employees is facing the unknown.

Strategy: “Connect the dots”. Find a non-intimidating way to directly address the concern for a technical workflow change.

Solution: Using information gathered from employee polling on biggest fears, myths and gripes about the new processes, I partnered with illustrator Tim Brooks to create a series of animated webisodes highlighting the practical value and usability of the new workflow. The sequential art approach was a non-intimidating way to address a largely technical issue. As a result, help center call volume decreased by 230% over the ensuing 3 months.