Barnes & Noble

Branding / Digital Strategy / Interactive

Overview: I collaborated with the SapientNitro to lead a research effort and deliver a solution package for how the globally-recognized bookseller can remain competitive in an evolving digital landscape.

Problem: One of the largest threats to traditional brick-and-mortar bookstores is the concept of show-rooming. How can SapientNitro “reimagine the bookstore”? How can the company position the brand to get its customers back into the bookstore?

Insights: The bookstore is a resource for new experiences. Each customer is appealed to differently and has a unique incentive for exploring, but the experience ends once you exit the store.

Strategy: “Learning Never Stops”. Leverage technology, collaborative industry partnerships, and an omni-channel approach to extend customer engagement with the brand beyond the walls of the bookstore.

Solution: I advised for Barnes & Noble to position itself as a learning expert – not a literary retailer. Through 1) the use of omni-channel access to branded educational products and services, 2) partnerships & licensing agreements with companies like Rosetta Stone, and Adobe, 3) a redesigned website retrofitted with features and language to highlight the “learning” angle, 4) a revitalized membership program that seamlessly links access to these new partner service channels, and 5) a repurposed storefront to facilitate the learning-centric services, the value of Barnes & Noble would ultimately be impacted and lead to ongoing, uninterrupted customer engagement both inside and outside of the bookstore.