Advancing Justice

Branding / Interactive / UX Design / Video Production

Overview:  I transitioned and upgraded the branding for Asian American Legal Advocacy Center (AALAC) to its parent company’s standards, including producing broadcast content under its newly formed name.

Problem: Resources benefitting AALAC’s target community are limited and the organization itself is relatively young. Now that it is uniting forces with a larger, more established organization (Asian Americans Advancing Justice), how can AALAC continue its impact in the community without losing its influence and recognition by the citizens?

Insight: AALAC’s grass-root mobilization is the center of its momentum.

Strategy: Establish brand and messaging consistency across multiple media platforms.

Solution: The website was rebranded in the similar aesthetic of the parent organization. To solicit support and gently share the narrative behind the name change, a video was produced and debuted at the annual fundraising banquet in front of prominent community leaders and elected officials. To take advantage of the momentum entering the election season, a separate commercial was produced explaining the voting process; subsequently subtitled in several languages (including Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese) so citizens could watch it in their native language. All three tactics were executed in sync with the official “name-change” announcement at the National Conference in Washington D.C. in October 2014.