Debbie Lindner

EVP, Chief People Officer / BBDO

One of many things I have been impressed with and attracted to is the diversity of Reggie’s talent. In our agency, it is important to find and hire people who have diverse talents. Reggie is one of those people. He is the kind of talent you hope will cross your path at some point.

Jasmin Allen

Director of Consumer Marketing and Engagement / Belvedere Vodka

[Reggie] is a driven visionary who always comes to the table with unique solutions. His passion and dedication is extremely admirable and all would benefit from his thought leadership, team-oriented mentality and work ethic.

T.J. Abrams

Global Brand Director / IHG

Reggie is gifted. He brings to every project raw talent, fresh thinking and a collaborative approach that will make you wonder why you're just now having the chance to work with him. If your creative project is one that you want others to remember, Reggie is the right partner for the job.

Tracey Jennings

Executive Vice-President / GlobalHue

He consistently delivers high-level thought leadership as well as flawless executions. He has the innate ability to translate a brief beyond the words on paper into ideas that actually move consumers. He has become a trusted advisor with work that is always on time and above expectations.

Nikki Foster

Senior Producer / Turner

Professionalism at it’s best! I’ve known Reggie for years and have witnessed his dedication to projects immensely. He never complains…he just gets it done and for a client that is music to your ears.

Shao Rui

Creative Director / Isobar

He is the person who can change "trash" into Treasure. Reginald has a strong and unique sense of art. No matter it is a poster/banner or mobile design, He can translate it into an eye-catching thing.

Judy Salzinger

Advertising Program Coordinator / Savannah College of Art & Design

Reggie is a strong strategist. He takes on every challenge with a vengeance. He is a passionate problem-solver with a whatever-it-takes attitude. Reggie is confident, takes great pride in everything he does, and will prove to be a great asset.

Bryan Simmons

Producer / HLN

Despite his immense talent and creativity, I think what I respect most about Reginald is his constant drive to improve and evolve. I always look forward to catching up with him, because I know there's something new and exciting he has to offer. And selfishly, I always want to make sure I can get in on it and utilize it in some of my projects.

Gabrielle Soria

Copywriter / AKQA

In my experience, he has been a rare case of talent + discipline + good-naturedness. That end results in a teammate who is brilliantly creative and ready to throw down and work hard, but also someone you can laugh and enjoy the process with.

Joe Womack, III

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer / Amplify For Good

I've worked with Reginald since 2002, and I've been extremely pleased with the work he has performed for my company. His ability to "get it" conceptually with little direction and translate that vision into a finished product is invaluable. You will always be pleased with the end product.

Gauri Misra-Deshpande

Educator and Digital Consultant

Reggie has a deep curiosity and love for learning. He has the work ethic to pursue this curiosity and that results in some wonderful things. He shows a keen sense of strategic thinking and shows qualities of a leader, as he is able to review his own work and that of his peers with a positive, encouraging tone. Hard work is never a deterrent for him.

Shirley Harrison

Mom / Harrison Household

Reggie didn't always clean his room growing up. But when he did, it was spotless. Very impressive.


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